Student Services SLO Assessment


Student Services SLO Assessment – Connecting with Student Learning and Development

Student Services at Santa Rosa Junior College is committed to promoting learning and enhancing the development of all SRJC students. Student learning outcomes assessment is woven into all Student Services programs. The systematic and meaningful assessment of student learning and development helps ensure that SRJC Student Services programs meet the diverse and changing needs of our students.

Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Statements

Each program in Student Services has student learning outcome statements to guide the assessment and enhance the learning of students as they become involved with Student Services programs. The SLOs were developed in a collaborative manner by the directors, faculty, and/or staff in each Student Services program, with consideration of program standards and college initiatives as appropriate. The Student Learning Outcome statements reflect the overarching knowledge, skills, abilities, or values that students should demonstrate as a result of their participation in or interaction with, a Student Services program at SRJC. For more about writing Student Services SLO Statements, see the Forms and Procedures page.

Student Services Learning Outcomes Assessments

Ongoing assessment of student learning and development is an important way for every program to determine its effectiveness in reaching its goals. In keeping with accreditation standards and SRJC expectations, each Student Services department is responsible for developing a plan for a regular cycle of assessment of each of its SLOs. Based on that plan, every program conducts an assessment on at least one SLO each year to determine the degree to which students are achieving the outcome(s). Assessment results help directors, faculty, and/or staff recognize the positive aspects of their program and to make any changes that might improve student interaction and learning within that program. Several steps are involved in the development, implementation, and documentation of each SLO Assessment.

1. In late spring or early fall of each year, each department engages in dialogue about the programs or courses they will assess for the coming academic year. The assessment may be conducted in an individual program, or as part of a collaborative group, including multiple


2. The office of the Vice President of Student Services will provide a timeline for submitting SLO Assessments for each academic year.

3. Whenever appropriate, the assessment should be an "embedded" assessment. That is, student learning is assessed using existing activities, such as a counseling visit or a financial aid application. The use of rubrics, a tool to describe and quantify student behaviors, is also                 strongly encouraged in developing a Learning Assessment plan. More information on rubrics is available on the “Rubrics” section on the “Resources” page.


4. Assistance is available from the SLO Coordinator OR Megan Lowry Reed, Phone: 707-524-1518



5. When the data is collected and the assessment is finished, complete the SLO Assessment Report Form through the SLO Sharepoint Site. This includes a summary of the results, conclusions, and plans for follow-up action or assessment. The final version of the form is                    submitted to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services.


6. Each program’s progress in its six-year assessment plan is formally documented each year in the Program and Resource Planning Process (PRPP).

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