Connecting With Sources for Information and Support

During its 30-year history, the field of outcomes assessment has developed a substantial repertoire of research, documentation of institutional efforts, and collection of best practices. Information about outcomes assessment in higher education is available through many sources—from those specific to SRJC to others on the broader, national level. These sources can provide specific information and examples relating to course assessment, as well as a range of perspectives on assessment at the program and institutional level.

Some of the links below lead to PDF files and some to Web sites. While this page will be updated periodically, some changes in Web sites may occur in the interim. Please notify one of the Student Learning Outcomes Coordinators if one of the links does not connect properly.

Student Learning Outcomes Coordinators

For immediate questions and suggestions, contact one of the SLO Coordinators:

Megan Lowry Reed:


Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Glossary

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges in 2010 compiled a glossary of terminology (PDF) related to student learning outcomes and assessment.

Forms of Assessment

The most appropriate method of assessment depends on the nature of Student Learning Outcome(s) to be assessed, the size of the student group, and the structure of the course or program. For descriptions of various types of assessment and where they might be most appropriate, review the Methods of Assessment page or download the Methods of Assessment PDF.


A rubric is a method for quantifying students’ achievement of SLOs that represent higher levels of thinking, application of skills, and observable, though not immediately measurable, internalization of learning. A rubric is a table that lists descriptors for the components and levels of achievement for a task, performance, or set of behaviors. 

Examples of activities that might use a rubric for both grading and gathering assessment data are:

  • Dance improvisation
  • Professionalism at the work site
  • Analytical essay
  • Creation of a Web site
  • Final art project
  • Implementation of an agricultural production plan
  • Application of lab and research methods

For further information, view the documents on these pages:

National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessment Web Site

The Web site for the National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) contains research, articles, examples, multiple perspectives, and links to many resources related to on outcomes assessment in higher education.

Accreditation Resources

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Links to Other Resources Web site lists sites related to accreditation.